metodo oceans-on


The practice of this method consists on a cycle of exercises, experiences and expressive moments with the Ocean, designed for childhood.

Oceans-on® Method

The Oceans-on® method´s objective is to promote the development of the individual potential of the child and a happy relationship with the Ocean, able to produce present and future actions, leading to the conservation of the marine environment.

In the Oceans-on® method we integrate inovative concepts such as Blue Childhood, the 8 Waves and the Tranformational Ages Mode.

Theoretical Fundamentals

The Oceans-on® method finds it´s main fundamentals on the Vinculation Theory, Sensorial Integration and Multiple Intelegencies.

It also follows certain principles of the Modern School Movement, Waldorf Pedagogy.


The designation Oceans-On® originates on the learning methodology of sciences,
named “Hands-on Learning”.